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The Virtual Tour Project

In order to serve you with the best, our current project dubbed 'The Virtual Tour' or V.T seeks to address lots of issues encountered in many corporations and also by many individuals.  We are talking about visualization. Ever wished you could show that client exactly what you meant?, present to them the exact replica of that design or image in your head?, and be able to make critical decisions on model designs before a million dollar project is commenced? If you answered Yes!, to the questions above, then The Virtual Tour is for you. This project @LEOCORP, comes packaged with what we like to call a 'Second Hand Transformation'. We takeover your construction project (in the plan phase or completion phase) , scale them up to standard, and furnish them with the idea that works!. Making it possible to reach your probable clientelle wherever they might be. Have a look at sample works below and make that decision. "Choose LEOCORP, choose the idea that works!."