In order to serve you with the best, our current project dubbed -The Virtual Tour-. To address issues encountered by many businesses today. We are talking about visualisation. Have you ever wished you could show your client exactly what image you had in mind?, that you could present a prototype in the early stages of your project? and have the ability to make critical decisions on model designs before work commences? If YES, then keep reading.

@LEOCORP we takeover your housing project (in its plan and or completion phase) , scale it up to standard, and furnish it with the idea that works!. Enabling you to extend your reach to your probable clientele across borders. Up next are some of our works, take a good look and make that decision. "Choose LEOCORP, Choose the idea that works!"

Our Virtual Tours in 3 categories:


This tour provides interactivity to the user, using mouse pointer movements and clicks

Three Bedroom Complex

A panoramic display of the structure.

Firm Health Ghana

Serving for managerial purposes and contructional analysis.

UMaT Virtual Tour

This VT provides a synoptic and didactic view of the University of Mines and Technology